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If you create an account here - you'll be able to use all of our faucets.
One account -> More rewards -> One balance -> More fun :)
User accounts are deleted after 21 days of inactivity.
Active user = user who earn reward from at least one of our faucet by last 21 days.


Our rewards are adjusted depending on a number of factors
(including the current Dogecoin/BTC exchange rate
and revenue received from adverts).
Current rewards:
0.04 (77%), 0.07 (10%), 0.1 (7%), 0.15 (3%), 0.2 (2%), 0.3 (1%)
Note: Reward in DOGE (Chance in percent)
If use more than 1 IP - decreased rewards by 50%.
If use more than 10 IP's - decreased rewards by calculation
(100% - 100 / number of IP's).
Valid for your account lifetime.


Timer on our faucet are adjusted depending on a number of factors
(like rewards).
Current timer is 60 minutes.


Withdraw limit is 10 DOGE.
For withdraw is necessary to click on button "Withdraw" in your account.
Withdraw send automatically every hour (upon request).
Withdraw send directly to your wallet.


Earn 5% commission on all "Faucet" play made by your referred users.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

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Administrator reserves the right to prevent access to our sites from any IP (BAN for IP).

Administrator shall not be liable for anything associated with 777DOGE.CO.IN.

Administrator reserves the right to change the rules anytime.
Last edit: 2.9.2017

Multi IP's accounts reduced rewards

2.9.2017 15:02

Updated rules with multi IP's account. Read please.
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Lowered withdrawal limit

23.7.2017 09:40

We lowered withdrawal limit to 50 DOGE.
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Faucet updates in security

19.7.2017 18:45

We added select with two options for change the captcha typer. Recaptcha and Solve Media is enabled for now.
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